Server update released !

Dami a posted 24 hours ago

Hello everyone,

Server #2:

The full update is out on both servers! Server #2 is temporary.

Loot changes and trader price changes will be made on Server #2 before they're done to #1. If #2 takes off as well as #1, it shall stay.

I've been working on a few things for a few days now, and I'm happy to finally release this to everyone.

Update list:

  • Remade plot menu, friendlists are based per pole now.
    • !addfriend only serves to allow friends to access backpacks in safezones (for now).
    • Added Plot radius to plot management text.
    • Added + RAD and - RAD buttons, this will soon allow you to change your plot radius.
  • Lowered death spawn distance from 2500m to 1500m.
  • Remade door lock system, you can now add whitelist friends.
    • As an owner or whitelisted friend, you never have to enter codes again!
    • Doors still have codes, so they are crackable.
    • Door code is displayed on manage menu.
  • Added ability to add plot pole to spawn menu.
    • Only lasts for the restart.
    • Costs 10,000 coins.
    • Can not spawn at plot pole if non whitelisted player is near, or your dead body is within 2000m.
  • Added build menu. 
    • No detailed recipes (yet).
    • Accessible by scrolling on any object with an inventory
      • This means you could drop your backpack on the ground with building supplies in it, and build straight from it, or a car, a safe, a tent, a gun rack, etc etc.
    • Contains few items for now.
    • Moved virtual garage and helipad to build menu.
    • Added M2 turret and DSHKM turret to build menu.
  • Added ability to bury players, this creates a grave and a medical box with their gear in it. Rewards humanity.
  • Added ability to gut players, you receive meat and lose humanity.
  • Added the ability for plot owner to unlock any vehicle in the plot radius.
  • Added NOS upgrade, requires red bull and jerry can.
  • Added zupa clothing system, allows you to change into some ArmA and Overpoch skins.
  • Fixed humanity gain when killing a player with negative humanity.
  • Fixed humanity loss when killing a player with positive humanity.
  • Fixed vertical plot requirement, no longer need additional pole to build higher up.
  • Only the plot owner can remove the plot pole now. (temp fix)

Coming soon:

  • Group system update.
    • Group ranks (Get group points by killing other groups).
    • More group commands (MOTD, new customisable ESP/HUD, group bank)
  • Price/loot rework.
    • Make other methods of making money more lucrative.
    • Scale loot based on price.
    • Increase armoured/weaponized vehicle rarity.
  • Safe whitelist
    • Exactly the same as the door whitelist, codeless entry.
  • Random Event System
    • Random man hunt events (player must confirm)
    • Random lottery event (random lottery announcement, players pay a fee to enter with !lotto)
    • Random "Clan war" event
      • A random spawn gets selected as a "hotzone", and the spawn is then disabled.
      • Players killed in this area are worth double the group points.
      • Group with most kills gets extra group points on top of double points.
  • Event system
    • Deathmatch event rewrite
    • TDM event rewrite
    • CTF event rewrite - That's right, it's back -- and better.

Don't forget to check out this poll about wiping server #1:

Thanks again,